Things to Do in Elida, Ohio

The village of Elida is located in Allen County, Ohio. According to the 2010 census, the population was 1,905. It is a part of the Lima, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area. You can find a host of things to do in Elida, including:


If you’re a lover of art, you won’t want to miss ArtSpace/Lima in Elidsda, Ohio. The venue features works by local artists and hosts various art events. There are also several ways to get involved with the community. Participating in these events can lead to an appreciation for local artists and help support the local arts scene.

This non-profit arts organization is dedicated to promoting the arts in northwest Ohio. The venue is home to nine current exhibits, workshops, and CEU-certified classes. There’s something for everyone at ArtSpace/Lima. The center is open to the public and provides a place for local artists to display and sell their works.

Mary Lehman, the director of ArtSpace/Lima, has a background in education. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University at Lima and taught elementary school for several years. She also earned a Master’s degree in Education and an Art Certification.

Located in Allen County, Lima is a diverse Midwest town with many attractions and activities. The city boasts scenic parks, interesting museums, a thriving nightlife, and a rich history. Whether you’re a history buff or into comics, you’ll find something in Lima that appeals to you.

ELIDA OHIO High School Parent/Teacher Conference

Elida High School is holding its annual Parent/Teacher Conference on Wednesday, November 16. The conference is free for students and parents and is held for parents to discuss their child’s education. The school will ask parents to select as many teachers as they would like to speak with. Each time slot will be with a specific teacher. If you would like to schedule a group meeting, please contact the school system before the conference date.

Getting around Elida

Getting around Elida, Ohio is easy once you know where to go. There are several nearby cities and towns that are within an hour’s drive. Use this list of towns to find places to visit within this radius. You can also find restaurants near Elida that are within an hour’s drive.

Elida is a small town located in Allen County, Ohio. The population is less than 2,000 and has a very rural feel. Many of the residents are home owners. The public schools in Elida are above average. The community has a conservative attitude and most residents own their homes.

Elida is home to a number of job opportunities. The most common industries are manufacturing, health care & social assistance, and educational services. Those working in these sectors earn higher wages than their peers in the state and country. Additionally, Elida’s population is higher educated than the national average. The city has a higher percentage of residents with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Getting around Elida, OH by car takes 21 minutes, which is faster than the state average of 24 minutes. Most workers in Elida, Ohio drive to work and choose not to take public transportation. Walking is not as common as taking a car, but walking is a viable option.

The city of Elida is home to approximately 974 people. Among these, the highest paying industries are Manufacturing, Health Care & Social Assistance, and Public Administration. Those in these fields earn the highest salaries, with households earning an average of $65,499 from these industries.

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