GNCM provides networking relationships with pastors and ministers for guidance, encouragement and fellowship. Through these relationships, we help churches, ministries and missions organizations to grow.

The year 2017 brought a lot of change to Global Network of Christian Ministries. Pastor Scott Jones, who served as chairman/president for over eight years, finished his term, and you, the constituents of GNCM asked me to pick up this baton of leadership. I’m honored and grateful for your confidence. I’m also honored to work with an incredible lead team. You will be hearing from many of them over the next year. Our reach has increased, and our impact is being felt around the world. Over the past few weeks I’ve given a lot of thought as to what Global is and what I’d like to see it become. Our heart’s desire is to build, bridge, and belong. But, in a simple description, we want to be a support network for ministries. We want to be a community that facilitates the five-fold ministry and serves missionaries and leaders with a culture filled with relationships. Mentoring and accountability is so needed, and we aim to see this demonstrated at the grass-roots level. We will also work hard at spanning both generational and ethnic barriers. Thank you for your faithful support and your participation. 2018 is going to be a year of new things for Global. Soon you will receive communication about events happening near you, around the world, and through online podcast as well. I want to hear from you. Please let me know how Laquita and I can serve you. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome! —MARK & LAQUITA BRIGGS
We exist to provide a resource-rich and mentoring environment that allows ministers and their families to be successful. We provide training and resources through a strong, diverse network of ministries worldwide.