Things to See and Do in Oxford

If you’re planning a trip to Oxford, you’ll need to know what to see and do. Book a walking tour or visit a museum. You might also want to check out a music venue or pub. Regardless of your interests, there is something to satisfy everyone’s curiosity in this historic town.

Book a walking tour

One of the best ways to explore the historic heart of Oxford is to book a walking tour. These tours usually meet at a central location and cover a range of attractions. Among them are the Bodleian Library and Weston Library, the Old Schools’ Quadrangle, the Radcliffe Camera, the Bridge of Sighs, and the Sheldonian Theatre. You’ll also get expert commentary about each sight.

You can also stop at the Pitt-Rivers Museum, which contains over 500,000 objects including photographs and manuscripts. Another museum you should see is the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, which houses a vast collection of earth, science, and nature. You can even visit both museums for free.

If you want to save money, you can book a free Oxford walking tour. These tours are generally shorter and cheaper, and include free admission to the city’s colleges and libraries. They also include filming locations from the Harry Potter movies and Brideshead Revisited. Most guests have positive reviews about this tour, but a few have complained that the guide was too brief.

Visit a museum

If you’re interested in history or the humanities, visit one of the museums in Oxford. The Bodleian Library, one of England’s three deposit libraries, is a must-see cultural attraction. The library contains copies of every book published in England since 1602. It also hosts special exhibitions on topics as diverse as botany and anatomy. It’s also home to a huge collection of historical musical instruments. To get the most out of your trip to Oxford, you should make sure to book your tickets in advance.

Oxford’s museum of history, the only one dedicated to the city’s history, displays a variety of artifacts and exhibits. Visitors will get an idea of the city’s past through artefacts, room settings, and a film presentation. The museum is open to the public, and visitors are welcome to join events and talks.

Another museum in Oxford is the Oxford Museum of Natural History. Housed in the same building as the Pitt Rivers Museum, the museum features the only soft-tissue specimen of the Dodo in the world. The museum is full of colourful, interactive exhibits.

Visit a pub

If you want to sample the local fare and enjoy a pint, visit a pub in Oxford. You’ll find a variety of excellent pubs in the city, from those that serve real ales to those that feature the finest pub food. In Jericho, Oxford, you’ll find several pubs that specialize in real ales. The food at these pubs is also delicious, with many of them having sheltered, heated gardens.

Oxford’s pubs feature everything you want from brunch to Sunday lunch to dinner. You’ll find a wide variety of dishes, including burgers and sandwiches. You can choose from the classic double beef patty with cheese sauce and smoked streaky bacon, or you can try something unusual like a vegan burger. In addition to traditional pub fare, you can also indulge in desserts like lemon posset, treacle tart, and dark chocolate mousse.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can visit a pub in Oxford with an interesting history. The Old Red Lion, for example, is the oldest pub in the city, dating back to 1242. Several years ago, its landlord, Alan Course, a famous cartoonist, convinced a guest to donate his old tie, and since then the pub has displayed more than four hundred different ties. These ties are from colleges, clubs, and even sports teams. The pub is proud of its collection, and visitors can examine them in person or donate their own ties to the collection.

Visit a music venue

A visit to an Oxford music venue is a great way to enjoy the city’s music scene. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or indie rock, Oxford has a great variety of musical venues. The O2 Academy Oxford is one of the city’s premier music venues, attracting some of the biggest names in the business. The venue features a fully-stocked bar and a range of food and drinks. It’s also open twenty-four hours a day. Alternatively, a visit to The Wheatsheaf, Oxford’s premier small music venue, is a great way to enjoy a night of live music. The venue hosts four live music nights every week and regularly hosts rock and indie bands.

Another great venue is the Holywell Music Room, which is home to a variety of concerts. Featuring solo and duo performances, this intimate venue is an ideal venue for smaller ensembles and concerts. It opened in 1748 and was designed by Thomas Camplin, the Vice-Principal of St Edmund Hall. It is one of Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpieces and has played host to world-famous performers.

Visit a college

If you are visiting Oxford, you should not miss visiting the colleges. Oxford is the home of Nobel Prize-winning writers and artists such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Some of the best colleges in the world also have beautiful and peaceful grounds. You can visit any of them and get a glimpse of the lives of the students. There are numerous options for colleges in Oxford. You can visit Oxford colleges and get a taste of the history of the city.

The most famous college in Oxford is Christ Church. This college has produced thirteen prime ministers of England. Its beautiful stairwell was also featured in Harry Potter. It is a part of the Diocese of Oxford, and its cathedral houses portraits of some of its notable alumni. While you’re visiting Oxford, make sure to spend some time exploring the area of each college.

If you have time, you can also get a view of the city from the University Church, located on the High Street. You can access this campus for free between 11am and 2pm. However, be sure to check the college’s schedule first, as some colleges close early, especially during Christmas and summer. Also, keep in mind that the entrance fee to the most famous colleges is higher, so plan accordingly.

Visit a botanic garden

If you love botanical gardens, Oxford has something for you. The University of Oxford Botanic Garden is the oldest botanic garden in Great Britain and one of the world’s oldest scientific gardens. Established in 1621, the garden is home to over 5,000 species of plants and covers 1.8 ha. You’ll be able to learn about plants, and see the history and evolution of the species that live there.

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden is one of the best places to explore this city’s diverse plants. Located in the city centre, this garden is well-maintained and designed to be aesthetically pleasing throughout the seasons. The garden features collections from all over the world, including South America. The collection contains representatives of more than 90 percent of the higher plant families.

Oxford Botanic Garden is wheelchair accessible. You can easily find it from Oxford Railway Station. You can also take a bus or a taxi to get there. There are regular services running from London to Oxford.

Visit a theatre

Whether you’re in town for a conference or just want to see a show for a night out, there are a number of theatres to choose from. The Sheldonian Theatre, for example, is a beautiful, historic venue with an impressive ceiling fresco and panoramic windows. It’s also open year-round and specializes in musical performances. It’s the home of the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, and you can also attend university orchestras and choir performances here. A general visitor’s ticket will allow you to visit the theatre, or you can book tickets for a tour or concert.

If you’re looking for an intimate show, you can check out the Chippy Theatre. This venue is home to a variety of productions, including pantomimes. It also features screenings of popular films and concerts. Tickets are available online. In addition to performing a variety of different performances, the Chippy Theatre also hosts educational programs and workshops.