Welcome to the GNCM website!

We’re so glad you stopped by. I believe you’ll find us to be a vibrant and relevant 21st century ministers’ network.

Global Network of Christian Ministries provides mentoring relationships with pastors and ministers for guidance, encouragement and fellowship. Through these relationships, we help churches and missions organizations grow. We also offer licensing and ordination for those who meet requirements and apply.

Melanie and I invite you to click around this site and get to know our network better. Here are some facts you may find interesting: We currently have a membership of over 450 members in the US and Canada. Global–Asia has close to 200 members and is under the capable leadership of Sooman Kim. Just this year, we have launched Global-Latin America and the potential is overwhelming. Our network truly is “global” and we are growing, progressing and getting stronger.

What can we do for you? We’re here to serve in any way we can. Just contact our office or send us an email. You are not an interruption to our business; you are the reason for it.


Scott Jones