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2012 Conference Media Bundle

Peter Wilson on Being the Church

Ricardo Sanchez on Worship

Ministry Insights with Tommy Barnett

What an incredible time at Global ’09! Such great moments of authentic relationship building with other ministers, deep spiritual renewing, and catching fresh vision of who God is in our lives.   From Pastor Jack Hayford’s incredible transparency to Pastor Dino Rizzo’s ability to get on our level the entire conference was life changing.   Pastor Scott Jones delivered a timely word that set the course for Global.   You can download it by clicking here.

Pastor Tommy Barnett ignited our hearts Monday night with an encouraging word dealing with not quitting when things look overwhelming.  “It’s not the burden that keeps you going, it’s the call of God.”  We were able to catch up with him to ask a few ministry questions.  His answers were lights out!  Take a look.
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Senior Pastor: Leading from the First Chair

by Dan Reiland

It seems like I should be writing more on the responsibilities of staff members, if for no other reason, the raw numbers. But curiously, more Senior Pastors have been recently talking to me about the core of their  role and responsibilities.  One church planter said, “I’m doing literally everything, that can’t be right.”  Another pastor told me he wants to study the Word, teach  and do nothing else.  Yet another pastor who has a great staff confided that he won’t delegate and empower basic roles to his team.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you are leading from the “First Chair”.  Between the board, staff, parents of teens, choir, first time visitors, benefactors, and local officials (and on it goes) you may feel more like the caboose than the engine. It is, however, not only possible for you to truly lead, it’s at the core of your job to take the reins and go for it.  Responding to all these people and their agendas can take you off track.  You can lose sight of what your job is.

My hope is to encourage you and give you fresh permission to lead.  Not to make everyone happy, but to  lead. You can’t do that if you are running on everyone else’s agenda.  You need to know what your job is and stay ruthlessly focused on it.  Your personality and unique passion contributes heavily to what you  choose to do and how you choose to carry out you role and responsibilities. more »

Recommended Resources

We’ve gathered a collection of resources that will benefit your ministry, spark creativity and help you get a long way down the road with your ideas.  We hope you find these useful.

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The Leadership Lottery

Have you ever tried to lift something that was really heavy? You realize after you pick it up that you are probably going to pull something.  Rather than do the smart thing and set it down until you have help, you just go ahead and continue doing mortal damage to your body so that you won’t have to ask for help.

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